So what are the steps to get your website the way you want it?


3 Steps to sign up and create your account:

Step 1 - Sign up and create an account-Signing up is FREE

        • Email address that will be used for correspondence
        • Create a password

Step 2 - Enter the website information that we will need to make the changes to your website

        • Website URL
        • Hosting company name
        • Username for your website
        • Password for your website

Step 3 - Enter your payment information. You will not be charged until work is completed

        • Card Number
        • Expiration Date
        • CVV Code

You are ready to get started improving your website:

Step 1 - Submit Service Request of what you want us to do

        • On Service Request, list what you want us to do. Describe in detail and be very specific and accurate
        • Attach a picture or file that we will need. Current Beta version allows only one attachment per service request.
        • You may divide the work you want done into multiple Service Requests
        • When ready to submit your Service Request, just click the SUBMIT button
        • We will respond back usually within 24 hours with a price quote and when you can expect the work to be done

Step 2 - Accept the quote and authorize work

        • When you click the ACCEPT QUOTE/AUTHORIZE WORK button:
        • You are giving us permission to access your website and make the changes to your website
        • The authorized amount of the quote will be captured but you will not be charged until the work is done
        • We will begin working on your Service Request
        • When the work is completed, we will notify you by email

Step 3 - Check your website and review the website changes we have made

        • Let us know within 24 hours if we have made any mistakes
        • During the 24 hours, you may approve the changes by clicking the "APPROVE WORK DONE" button. We will then use the payment method we have on file to make payment to Website Wrench
        • If you do nothing, after the 24 hours are up, we will use your payment method we have on file to make payment to Website Wrench
        • If we have made a mistake, please click the "SOMETHING IS WRONG" button. You will not be charged and we will begin fixing our mistake
        • If you do not like what was done and it was what you told us to do, please submit another Service Request
        • For an additional charge, arrangements can be made for you to give approval of the work we have done before your website goes "live"

Step 4 - Go back to Step 1

        • Use us again and again for your website needs
        • Tell others how we did
        • Remember there is no membership fee, monthly fee, or contract. Use us as often as you need and only pay for what we do


For more information or questions, email info@websitewrench.co or call 424-322-6376.